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Timo Pralle

Aufgewachsen in einer musikalischen Familie fing ich früh mit dem Beherschen der Blockflöte und dem Klaver an. Früh begeisterte ich mich für elektronische Musik. Viel wurde am C64 und Amiga 500 gespielt, allerdings war es weniger das Spiel selbst was mir so viel gefiel - es waren eher die Soundtracks dazu. Früh in den 90ern wurden dann die erste Software zum Musik produzieren genutzt. Als Anfang der 2000er es nicht mehr notwendig wurde viel Hardware zu besitzen um elektronische Musik zu produzieren startete ich mit der Software "Reason". Im Jahr 2004 gelang dann auf eNoise Recordings meine erste Veröffentlichung. In den folgenden Jahren wurden viele eigene Lieder wie auch Remixe produziert die u.A. von Größen wie Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Sean Tyas, Roger Shah uvm. gespielt wurden. Nach einer langen Pause zwischen 2011 und 2019 fing ich nun mit FL Studio an mich wieder intensiver mit der Musikproduktion zu beschäftigen. Das Ziel sollte lauten, so viel und mit so viel Spass wie möglich zu Prodzieren. Mal sehen was die Zukunft bringt.


When We First Met (Andrew Fields Chillout Mix)
Abora Chillout [ABCH091]

Release on 1st March 2023!

Abora Chillout delivers a lovely chill-and-relax remix by Andrew Fields of Timo Pralle's track 'When We First Met'. This splendid version has a rising smooth atmosphere and soft guitar notes merged with dreamy pads and harmonic percussions, alongside angelic vocal chops that are combined with relaxing sounds.


When We First Met (Andrew Fields Chillout Mix)

When We First Met (Marcus Kaul Remix)
Levitated Music [LEV164]

German artist Marcus Kaul brings us his stunning interpretation of Timo Pralle‘s ‘When We First Met‘, giving the original melodies a more euphoric approach and taking the song to a new dimension. Don’t miss this amazing remix!


When We First Met (Marcus Kaul Remix)

When We First Met (Marcus Kaul Extended Remix)

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When We First Met
Levitated Music [LEV163]

We are proud to present a wonderful release by the one and only Timo Pralle. He has composed some of the most beautiful emotional trance pieces and now the amazing German producer makes his grand appareance on Levitated with his outstanding tune ‘When We First Met‘, a majestic uplifting track filled with charming sounds and magical harmonies. Such a fascinating song!


When We First Met (Original Mix)

When We First Met (Extended Mix)

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Last Day In Paradise
Emergent Skies [ESK064]

We are thrilled to welcome Germany-based Timo Pralle to Emergent Skies with his debut here at Emergent Skies. Timo delivers a surging, uplifting anthem which fondly draws influence from some of the classics in the uplifting genre, bringing gorgeous melody, soaring builds and powerful emotions from the get-go. Joining Timo on this release is Chilean artist Braulio Stefield who returns an outstanding remix, honouring the original and building on its solid foundation with strings and atmospherics turned up to 11! Debuting in style, this is Timo Pralle (with Braulio Stefield) and his amazing new single “Last Day In Paradise”


Last Day In Paradise (Original Mix)

Last Day In Paradise (Braulio Stefield Remix)

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When We Were Young
D.Max Recordings [DMAX042]

Timo started producing music in the early 90s by getting an Amiga 500. Inspired by Chris Hulsback and other computergame musicans I wrote a lot of melodies with "Appetizer" and "Aegis Sonix". In the middle of the 90s i got the program "Fasttracker 2" and finally "Reason" which made my sound a little more professional.Makin his Debut here on our Label with a pure uplifting Track u'll like right from the Start.


When We Were Young (Original Mix)

When We Were Young (Ultimate Remix)

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Perceptive Recordings [PR053]

Homesick (Uplifting Mix)

Homesick (Downtempo Mix)

Homesick (Temple One Remix)

White Clouds
Perceptive Recordings [PR036]

White Clouds (Original Mix)

White Clouds (Thomas Datt Pres. Asedo Remix)

White Clouds (ReOrder Remix)

Perceptive Recordings [PR023]

Hopeful (Original Mix)

Hopeful (Sequentia Remix)

Hopeful (Dereck Recay's Emotional Mix)

Hopeful (Reconceal pres. Recon6 Remix)

Hopeful (Kim Svärd Remix)

Midnight Strings
Monster Tunes [MONSAMP008]

Midnight Strings (Original Mix)

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Dreams of Nature
Time Fusion [TF018]

Dreams Of Nature (Original Mix)

Dreams Of Nature (Sunny Island Freaks Remix)

Dreams Of Nature (Andrew Fields XL Remix Edit)

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PRALLE & KAUL (with Marcus Kaul) / CC FLY PROJECT (with Marcus Kaul)

Pralle & Kaul feat. Emma Horan - On Your Shore
Molekular Sounds (MOLSO131)

Release Date: 22th September 2023

Ready for some Uplifting? We've got you covered here at Molekular Sounds! Pralle & Kaul join with the incredible Emma Horan for 'On Your Shore'. Only one thing left to do... TURN IT UP!


On Your Shore

On Your Shore (Dub)

On Your Shore (Extended)

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Pralle & Kaul with Kate Miles - Never Be Enough
Molekular Sounds (MOLSO127)

Release Date: 18th August 2023

Ready for some Uplifting? We've got you covered here at Molekular Sounds! Next up is Pralle & Kaul with Kate Miles with 'Never Be Enough' including a very special Chapter XJ Remix. Only one thing left to do... TURN IT UP!


Never Be Enough

Never Be Enough (Dub)

Never Be Enough (Extended)

Never Be Enough (Chapter XJ Remix)

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Pralle & Kaul - Orient Express
Morphland [ML008]

Marcus Kaul and Timo Pralle come from Kornelimünster, a small town near Aachen. Friends since elementary school, they quickly discovered their common taste in music. At the end of the 90s they started producing music under the name CC Fly Project and participated in numerous remix contests. In the 2000s, they devoted themselves more on their own projects before deciding to produce trance together again in 2020. Alex M.O.R.P.H. gave his magic touch to their newest baby. Lets ride the orient express.


Orient Express (Alex M.o.r.p.h. Retouch)

Orient Express (Alex M.o.r.p.h. Extended Retouch)

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CC Fly Project - Beyond Your Imagination
Redux Magic [RDXM198]

This superb uplifter has a powerful intro that builds superbly as it twists and turns it's way to the break with superb chord changes and epic melodies. The breakdown is sublime with it's euphoric pads, angelic piano and catchy leads for that perfect hands in the air moment before merging back...


Beyond Your Imagination (Extended Mix)

Beyond Your Imagination (Original Mix)

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TbO & Vega - Just A Fool (Timo Pralle Remix)
Intense Emotions [IE013]

Just A Fool (Club Mix)

Just A Fool (Timo Pralle Remix)

Just A Fool (LightControl Remix)

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Sergey Shabanov - Impact (Timo Pralle Remix)
Only One Records [OOR050]

Impact (Original Mix)

Impact (Timo Pralle Remix)

Impact (Verum Remix)

Impact (Hidden Emotion Remix)

A.R.D.I. - Landscape (Timo Pralle Remix)
Harmonic Breeze [HBR043]

Landscape (Original Mix)

Landscape (Second Way Remix)

Landscape (Timo Pralle Remix)

Landscape (Vol Deeman Remix)

Landscape (Sara Pollino Chillout Mix)

David Farquharson – Shimmer (Timo Pralle Remix)
Route 258 Music [ROUTE006]

Shimmer (Original Mix)

Shimmer (Tim Air Remix)

Shimmer (Timo Pralle Remix)

Dallaz Project – Double One (Timo Pralle Remix)
Perceptive Recordings [PR016]

Double One (Original Mix)

Double One (Ehren Stowers Remix)

Double One (Oceania Remix)

Double One (Timo Pralle Remix)

Double One (Joel Gershom Remix)

Abraham Leoga – Insolution (Timo Pralle Remix)
Unearthed Records [UNER025]

Insolution (Original Mix)

Insolution (Craving Remix)

Insolution (Timo Pralle Remix)

DJ Shultz & Immoral Monkeys Vs Elad Efrati – Boe'na Ya Manyak (Timo Pralle Remix)
Proxoz Recordings [PXZ038]

Boe'na Ya Manyak (Original Mix)

Boe'na Ya Manyak (Carl B Remix)

Boe'na Ya Manyak (Timo Pralle Remix)

Will B – Upgrade
Perceptive Recordings [PR005]

Upgrade (Original Mix)

Upgrade (Temple One Remix)

Upgrade (Allan O'Marshall Deep Club Mix)

Upgrade (Simon Bostock Mix)

Upgrade (Timo Pralle Mix)

Kasper Koman – Possessed
Eternity Recordings [ETR007]

Possessed (Original Mix)

Possessed (Timo Pralle Mix)


Techno Club Vol.69

Release Date: 16th July 2023


Pralle & Kaul - Orient Express (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Retouch)